The SHOOT BOXE is a full-contact style to allow combat both at a distance with percussion, punch, knee and kicks, both in close combat and in close combat on the ground with projections, locks and submission technique.


The SHOOT BOXE matches are held inside a the “cage” 7/10 meters. It is also possible to use a Ring similar to that used in boxing, equipped with four ropes and with a tatami of at least 3 cm. thick.


The uniform consists of Bermuda shorts type, groin guard, shin instep guards without hard parts open-hand gloves with covered thumbs and mouth guard. Only in junior class head guard is obligatory.

The SHOOT BOXE gloves must be open hand, cover the middle knuckles and with the thumb covered, the padding on the back must be at least 3 cm, the padding on the thumb must be about 0.5 c

Hand wraps is optional. Only one round of tape is allowed to fixe it.

The female classes must wear the breast protection. Groin guard is optional for females.

Fabric protections for knees and elbows are authorized.


3 rounds of 3 minutes each with one minute pause.


In SHOOT BOXE it is allowed to hit only standing, with punch, even rotated, knee and kick on the whole body except the nape, genital triangle, back and upper part of the head. It is not allowed to strike when one or both combatants is / are on the ground.

The athlete who has more two parts of the body in contact with tatami is considered on ground

Any good strike Aasigns one point. Knee or kick to the head assign two points.


In SHOOT BOXE it is allowed to grab and project the opponent in any way except during a submission technique. It is not allowed to project the opponent on the neck or making him fall on his knee. It is not allowed to try to voluntarily project the opponent over the ropes.

A technical projection assigns 2 points

If both feet are off the ground the points become 3

In any case, every time an athlete touches the tatami with a third support, a point is awarded to the opponent. the same thing happens if an attempt to project in a fall fails.


In the Full SHOOT BOXE it is allowed to block the opponent on the ground in any way but the score will be assigned to those who will be in an advantageous position. All positions above the opponent are considered advantageous positions, except for the rear “montada” which is in any case considered to be an advantage.

Any loking assigns one point. Side loking = two points. Mounting and rear mounting = three points

The central referee, having ascertained the stability of the position (about 5 “of clinch), signals with an extended arm over the fighters the possible locking and counts aloud, so as to be heard by the athletes, up to 5 (the 5 coincides with the stop and therefore it is not pronounced) after which it raises the athletes and assigns the score. If during the counting the situation unlocks or reverses, the referee interrupts the fight anyway and makes the athletes stand up again. If during the count the type of blocking changes by who is already performing it, the counting continues and the score will be assigned based on the final position. If at the end of 5 seconds count, after the award of the points, the athlete is unable to prompty resume fighting the referee continues to count up to 8 as in normally knock down.


In the SHOOT BOXE the submission is allowed through suffocation, strangulation, compression and joint lever. The central referee can interrupt a finalization in progress if he considers it dangerous for the athlete who is undergoing it. This will result in the awarding of the victory. It is not allowed to make the joint levers violently. They will always have to be pulled in progression. Micro levers to the fingers are not allowed. The finalization ends the meeting.

Please note: if an athlete screams while undergoing a submission technique, it is considered as a surrender.

In case of loss of mouth guard during ground fighting the Referee does not stop the fighting. He will have it replaced at the end of ground fighting phase.


At the end of each round the judges, evaluates  techniques,  combinations, the athletes’ endurance, give 10 points to the better fighter and 9 points to his opponent ( 8 if there has been a remarkable gap ) Then they subtract any penalties points and mark the total score in the tag. At the end of the fight the result will be given by the sum of all round result. In case of equal resul points in an elimination tournament the judge must give his preference. The winner is declared by a majority of judge.

It is possible to file a written claim to chairman the only immediately after the match paying the relative fee.


The central Referee supervise the bout; he is the first to enter in the Cage or ring or tatami. Hi starts the fighting with the word “fight”, stops with the word “stop” or “breack” in case prolonged clinch standing or on the ground. After the “breack” the fighters take a step back and they start fighting again.

A standstill is considered clinch, both standing and on the ground, during which, for about 5 “, none of the contenders implement actions aimed at turning the fight to their own advantage. N.B. it is also a prolonged attempt at finalization that does not lead to the surrender of the opponent.

He stops the match in case of a knock down, send the athlete standing at the neutral corner and count to 8. After that, if the athlete show to be able he resumes the match, in otherwise declares the KO.

At any moment the Referee can stop a combatant he perceives to in great difficulty or proclaim defeat due to the evident superiority of his/her opponent. He can stops the match and the time if:

• A fighter is injured or taken ill. In this case he calls for the ringside doctor to evaluate the possibility to keep fighting

• The competition area is too wet

• Un fighter must be arrange the gloves or others

• Deems it necessary for any other reason


The side judge evaluate techniques, combinations, number of blows hitting the target, efficacy, throws and immobilizations. He write note the points on the back of the tag. Hi fills in every part of the scoring paper.


Men (1 9-40 old ) kg. 56 – 60 – 65 – 71 – 78 – 83 – 95 – 105 – Over
Women (1 9-40 old ) kg. -50 – 55 – 61 – 68 – Over


• To put your hands on the opponent’s face (eyes, nose, mouth)
• Striking in the neck
• Hit the top of the head
• Striking the back of the trunk (spine)
• Hit the neck
• Continue to launch attacks after the referee stops
• Hitting the opponent on the ground
• Turn your back on your opponent unless it is a rotating technique
• Grasp the ropes, cage or shorts
• To attack with the head
• Attach with the elbows
• Attack or simulate an eye attack
• Bite, rub and scratch
• Shouting for no reason
• Speak during the meeting
• Do not immediately execute the referee’s orders
• Spit the mouth guard voluntarily to waste time
• Ask for time with hand lift when the fighter finds himself in a corner of the ring under pressure from the opponent
• Put the uniform in place without the authorization of the central referee
• Deliberately lose time, so deliberately avoid the fight
• Comment on an assigned score
• Comment on a score not given

At 1st official warning : useful for the purposes of preference ( the judge write it on the tag )

2nd official warning: one point less on the final score of the round

3rd official warning : Disqualification


In the case of an injury there are two minutes available to the athlete to try to recover and decide whether or not to continue the meeting, subject to the doctor’s judgment.


Victory can be attributed to:

• Winner in points
• Winner for finalization
• Winner for K.O.
• Winner for abandonment
• Winner for 3rd count (within the whole match)
• Winner by disqualification of the opponent
• Winner due to the absence of the opponent; (W.o.)
• Winner by medical decision (RSC, RSC-H, RSCI)
• Winner for obvious superiority


Weight control operations can be carried out:

1. On the same day of the match NO MORE THAN 8 HOURS BEFORE THE MATCH

2. In the evening before the competition. In this case the athletes should undertake a second medical check NO MORE THAN 3 HOURS BEFORE THE MATCH. A 5% tolerance will be allowed to this check.