The ISF was born when Patrizio Rizzoli, European President and International Coordinator of WMMAF, realizes that SHOOT BOXE and KICK JITSU, its light version, need to go back to being an independent international federation. The intention is to distinguish themselves from MMA proper, discipline considered too violent by the CIO to be recognized as an amateur sport and as such logically frame more easily among professional sport.

In practice, this is a “return to the origins” as already in 1994 Rizzoli had founded the IKJF, International Kick Jitsu Federation. In that year, the first European and World Shoot Boxe titles were held.

Later, on 16.05.2002, by the President of WAKO Ennio Falsoni, the WKJF World Kick Jitsu Federation was founded and registered in Monza ( Italy ).

In 2004 the first World Shoot Boxe Championship took place in Ukraine.

In 2006 the name of the federation was changed and became WMMAF, thus also including MMA.

In 2018 and 2019 the ISF represents Kick Jitsu and Shoot Boxe in the organization united with wmmaf. Until the world Championship organized in September 2019 in Italy.

Subsequently the ISF separates from wmmaf to better define its identity and begins its path as unique World Shoot Boxe organization towards the coveted Olympic recognition as a unique combat sport for its completeness.